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Changing the images on individual categories

May 23, 2005 Comments Off on Changing the images on individual categories

sooo..I’m always searching for this email from Rhye (Just Around the Bend) on how to change the permalink per category…so what better why to find it then to just post her answer here on the newbie tips so I can find it later on  Open Application window, Ctrl+J, type: weblogData.categories then >category name > theme under …

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Ancient Guardians

May 9, 2005 Comments Off on Ancient Guardians

feathers of an ancient man softly falling like rain upon the soul our ancient guardians watch over us leading, guiding, holding our hands down the winding path of life helping us find our inner peace, our inner balance giddy, skipping stones, silently feeling our hearts with pleasure dancing with the tides swaying with the wind …

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Newbie Tip – Coffee Mug replacement on default theme

May 1, 2005 Comments Off on Newbie Tip – Coffee Mug replacement on default theme

how to replace the coffee mug logo in the default template with your own logo..a newbie tip is born Step 1 – you need to upstream/upload your picture (your logo) to the cloud. Open the radio application > then open the www folder > then open the images folder, you can either place the your …

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Adding graphics to blogrolls..update

April 26, 2005 Comments Off on Adding graphics to blogrolls..update

I left a comment on the discussion board about book rolls, requesting a link and then life got busy, I got sidetracked and didn’t get a chance to check back to see if a link was posted – thankfully someone else posted a response to the question however once I saw the link and understood …

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The Marble Theme

April 4, 2005 Comments Off on The Marble Theme

Created a new category for designs – theme designs since I’m using the newbie theme design category for whomever I’m creating a theme for at the moment… (also trying to will away this migrane before I go to bed – otherwise I won’t be able to sleep) trippy..needs some tweaking but I like it

data dump 3-16-05

March 17, 2005 Comments Off on data dump 3-16-05

new business cards design – check. consulting agreement for new client  – check, I can’t believe I forgot this the other day, I guess I didn’t think she was going to hire my company or maybe I was just hoping she wouldn’t. where does one find a copy of oneself? I wonder should I post …

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Creativity flows out of boredom

February 19, 2005 Comments Off on Creativity flows out of boredom

A friend of mine told me to make a great artist, one must be bored. Artists are born out of boredom essentially because they have free time to think, to dream, to create. I was explaining that I have a design business but I just didn’t have a whole lot of time anymore with the professional …

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Winter is finally here with a gust

December 7, 2004 Comments Off on Winter is finally here with a gust

Driving home tonight was fun, the rain was blowing sideways across the freeway and then uphill, interesting site to see water running up hill. The farther north I travel, the heavier it got. I got soaked from head to toe getting out of the car to grab the mail. A long with the cold cold weather …

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November Petals

December 5, 2004 Comments Off on November Petals

november petals on a breathless air waiting, watching, floating down from the heavens caught up in the storm of everlasting love inspiration abound, leaping from soul to soul, heart to heart caressing with light feather touches upon her body as he hums a sweet lullaby upon her tender lips petals unfolding between her gasps a …

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how to change xml icons, permalink tags

October 31, 2004 Comments Off on how to change xml icons, permalink tags

as I began to design a theme for the grumpy girl, little questions started to arise and thanks to all the people from the discussion board, here are a few answers to my questions 🙂 how to turn off the little orange xml icon under the blogrolls: <%radio.macros.blogroll(“http://radio.weblogs.com/0119318/gems/myBlogroll”, flXmlButton:false)%> how to change the permlink tag …

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