Magick is within us all, you must believe. Magick is the power of your imagination as it is expressed through “a harmonious marriage of intellect and intuition. Magick denotes the practical fusion of Art, Science, and Spiritual Wisdom, evoking the alchemist’s symbolic quest: to turn lead into gold, transmute the base into the noble. MAGICK is a fun word that suggests serendipity, spontaneity, creativity and productivity beyond all expectations.” It is the beauty of the heavens, the single raindrop landing on your hand, the smile of a child, the purr of a cat. Magick abounds in this world – all you need is your imagination and the belief that magick is there for taking, that it is there within yourself.
 Magick is the music in your head, the words that take shape to form a story, a thought, a post, a poem. Magick is the dance in your step, the performance in your heart. Magick is all around us, open up your eyes and see the world through the shimmering energy of magick, magick happens. You only need to look for it (and yes, sometimes I lose my way too).
 “Art is a means of connecting two worlds, the visible and the invisible, the physical and the spiritual. The area of our consciousness where culture has its roots lies in the uncontrolled mind of every individual: in the moment when it is given space to make a creative leap. Artists, scientists and spiritual masters alike have great respect for that particular faculty of our human potential. It is in the realization of each individual’s intuitive creativity that everybody would agree with the statement, everyone is an artist.” – Louwrien Wijers