Whispercave is an idea, a story, a beginning of time, a enchanted dream of a reality, it is a place of the scary weries, it is beginning of a tale unfolding.

she whispered unto the night
in a realm that only a few knew
a place of peace and light
a magical place between time and space
the whispercave

she whispers
calling upon the wind
a message of hope
to the forgotten ones”you’re not alone, there are others like you”
the winds feed the message through the streets along the sidewalks, through the gutters to the dry dusty corner of town called The Cave to where the children sleep. In their dreams, they hear her message and know something or someone is coming.

They know where to go, they follow the path of the forbidden to the deep recesses of their memories to the hidden whisper, the whisper they hearing calling them to their new home. At place of love and security, a place that they can call their forever home.