About SED

I only create what is in my head, I see beauty in every day objects and I try to create that beauty in the form of art, to express my imagination. Many of my art pieces begans with a dream or an idea or a possiblity of how that piece of metal might intertwine with a piece of glass.. it all started with a way for me to use my pennies, I had tons of them (well maybe not tons of them) but a lot of pennies and I didn’t want to roll them, marked them with my account number and take them to the bank. I had about an 8 inch x 10ft gap on my floor when they  ran out of the hardwood floor tiles (they discounted the color before I  finished the floor), so I thought why not use the pennies like tile and create a design on the floor.

I’m always experimenting with new art ideas, new media – oil paintings on glass, salvaging old wood for creative art ideas, coils of copper wire for some great idea, a broken couch, pieces of fabric, tissue paper, you name.

I’d love to do another penny floor design and maybe even a penny wall design. Someone suggested a round quarter table, that would be fun….

….who knows what will happen, our imaginations are limitless.