different font colors, seeing things outside the box, time is irrevelant (time is man-made), smile divine, time and time again, anything by Dean Knootz or Tom Clancy, art, Canterbury Tales, Midnight Summer’s Dream, gnomes, ghosts, runes and rune magick, white magic, sleep, talking to friends on IM, music from a to z (classical to gothic), my cats, all types of animals, old english, creating art on different media – unusual ideas not used, silver, rings, lord of the rings, historical movies, action movies, Vin Diesel, romantic poetry, romantic writers, Emerson, Whitman, Blake, Ann Rice, the Fountainhead, dante, history, linguistics, grammer, logical thinking, semantics, physics, romance, love, friendship, fantasy, erotica, sensuality, passion, tattoos, pagan, the charmed ones, science fiction, scattered random conversations, past cultures and people, writing, poetry, autobiographies, beer, gin fizz, the sun, moon, the night, rain (gentle light rain and storms), fireplaces, lovers, long slow passionate kisses, sex with the right person, exotic places and things, programming, html codes, learning new software, reading, writing, singing, spirituality, architecture, old homes, old victorians, baroque, remodeling, building, books, wicca…..I have a degree in lingustics and am especially fond of old english writings/works. I am a writer and have published several poems. I would love to write full-time but I don’t see that happening anything I tend to start many projects at once..I also have a master of science in accounting. I tend to be somewhat scattered in my thinking(I have random thoughts floating around in my head which will sometimes pop out as questions totally off the subject). I don’t think inside the box and time is completely irrevelant (which gets me into trouble at work). I am a complete night owl who has to be at work at 9am..well I used to have to be at work at 9am, now I own my own business, set my own hours.