November Petals

December 5, 2004 Comments Off on November Petals

november petals on a breathless air
waiting, watching, floating down from the heavens
caught up in the storm of everlasting love
inspiration abound, leaping from soul to soul, heart to heart
caressing with light feather touches upon her body
as he hums a sweet lullaby upon her tender lips
petals unfolding between her gasps
a slight dew upon her bodice
as the lace unravels beneath her toes
she gathers his kisses
and gently blows into the wind
whispering, come my love
back to the earth, back to my hearth

dancing, spining, grounding her energy
she sweeps a circle to the east, to the south
to the west, to the north
spinning round and round
she whispers into the storm
come to me
come to me with your own free will
come to me my love
back to the earth,
back to my hearth.

Categories : Poetry