Winter is finally here with a gust

December 7, 2004 Comments Off on Winter is finally here with a gust

Driving home tonight was fun, the rain was blowing sideways across the freeway and then uphill, interesting site to see water running up hill. The farther north I travel, the heavier it got. I got soaked from head to toe getting out of the car to grab the mail. A long with the cold cold weather and the soaking rain, comes aches through my feet and legs, interesting aches, didn’t realize that much pain could travel through a big toe..ouch. The cats are couped up in the house, running here and there, attacking my clothes, jumping from corners….cute little ones however I’m still never prepared from that flight from a corner making me jump 10ft in the air. I’m rambling, its time for bed..i hope that the winter storm blows out as quickly as it appeared..I have a meeting tomorrow and need to dress up and without a rain coat, ick.  another test post for a second design for the grumpy girl and then off to bed..tomorrow is another day..happy hunting in those dreams of wishes and goodnight kisses…..xxxxxooooooo

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