Creativity flows out of boredom

February 19, 2005 Comments Off on Creativity flows out of boredom

A friend of mine told me to make a great artist, one must be bored. Artists are born out of boredom essentially because they have free time to think, to dream, to create.

I was explaining that I have a design business but I just didn’t have a whole lot of time anymore with the professional services business to work on designs and that when he told me that creativity flows when one is bored. Partially I think he is right, I can’t make the dreams happen and I can’t make the free time happened to create because when I try to make time for the art, nothing flows, there is always something else I have to do. And I can’t make myself be bored, it just happens.

Although I might have more free time coming up soon, as one of my clients has put his project on hold for a couple of weeks and I wonder does free time = boredom?

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