data dump 3-16-05

March 17, 2005 Comments Off on data dump 3-16-05

new business cards design – check. consulting agreement for new client  – check, I can’t believe I forgot this the other day, I guess I didn’t think she was going to hire my company or maybe I was just hoping she wouldn’t. where does one find a copy of oneself? I wonder should I post an ad on craigslist or check the local colleges? any thoughts on this one?

opened the bills – check. enter info into QB – working on it. coyote gulch design – yeah I have another design idea not posted yet but in progress, I like this one better. grumpy girl – didn’t forget about you..send the heading. SYN client – so cool, he’s postponed the migration another month or so, thank god.

mouse is driving me nuts. is this blog boring? anyone still reading it? sleepy

personal trainer – got mad at me today, I was so sick when I woke up, didn’t make it to the gym today – I will go tommorrow and Friday and Sunday to make up for the missed days. I lost 8 lbs – yeah, only 2 more to go and I’ll be under 200 and then only 40 more to go after that and I’ll hit my goal weight!!!

I need a date. I need a social life and I want playtime back in my life – oh yea, I started my own business, no time for that, but I still want it. Maybe I’ll meet someone at the St. Patrick Event at Dogzilla tomorrow night – all you SF Bloggers, I know you’re out there…come to the live music from 6-8 at Dogzilla..come on, everyone loves hot dogs..come on, you know you do

must go work..before I sleep..


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