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celebrating new life

October 31, 2004 Comments Off on celebrating new life

Celebrating new life, honoring the dead, the beginning of a witch’s new year, time to ground oneself, time to be other thoughts: my dsl has been up and down all day long, my computer is moving at a snail’s pace, today was one of rest and staying off the computer, tomorrow is time to work …

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October 12, 2004 Comments Off on Sizzix

I figured out how to make die cuts for my new business cards..yeah and its reality inexpensive..there’s a little machine called Sizzix

how to create blogrolls..update

October 11, 2004 Comments Off on how to create blogrolls..update

Rhye has great instructions on how to create blogrolls for Windows and Mac Users And I forgot, I actually created a newbie tip on how to create blogrolls  

off to see the wizard,

October 9, 2004 Comments Off on off to see the wizard,

wave a magic wand and poof, all the chores are done, lets see what do I need to do today.. grumpy girl site design..something funky happened, see if i fixed it pay the bills – done shower/shave check the mail sort the mail tigerpaw questions for client radio is upstreaming again..YEA work on the poetry …

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getting all the thoughts out of my head

September 29, 2004 Comments Off on getting all the thoughts out of my head

usually i relax in the shower, sort through my day, figure out solutions to my problems but tonight i’m still in that state of a millions things to do, running a business is hard work, I’m not particulary organized when I go to a client and sell myself which is probably not a good thing since …

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Newbie Tip for Templates, Changing the Banner Color on Movable Blue

August 29, 2004 Comments Off on Newbie Tip for Templates, Changing the Banner Color on Movable Blue

Several people have asked for a tutorial on changing template designs, here is a beginning tip If you are using the Moveable Radio – blue theme and you want to change the heading or banner colors from blue to pink, here is how you do it: Look for the #banner CSS Style code in your #hometemplate …

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bubblegum pink

August 16, 2004 Comments Off on bubblegum pink

bubblegum pink drops in the moonlight shadows on a midnight caress dancing, playing, dreaming desires updating themes playing with ideas seeking, searching sleepy


August 1, 2004 Comments Off on anger

anger bubbling up like a storm overwhelming tears dripping down like rain glistening upon the heart as love disappears breaking waves learning who he said he was wasn’t who he was lying anger sprouting from the soul within anger threatening to erupt into a whirlwind of emotions breaking apart the foundation of the soul starting …

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japanese name

July 3, 2004 Comments Off on japanese name

My japanese name for Julie is Kuroda (black field) Kumiko (eternal beautiful child). My japanese name for Elements Write is 山下 Yamashita (under the mountain) 恵美 Emi (blessed with beauty), Magick is Miharu (beautiful clear sky). Take your real japanese name generator! today! Created with Rum and Monkey‘s Name Generator Generator.


June 20, 2004 Comments Off on Relax

Unplugged: Turn off the palm pilot, the computer, the answering machine, the fax, the beeper and the cell phone. Make believe you’ve been cast off on a tropical island. Be technology-free for one day Spend a Day at the Beach: Surf the waves. Read a romance novel or mystery novel under the umbrella. Contemplatively comb …

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