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Radio Tips…

January 15, 2004 Comments Off on Radio Tips…

Learn something new every day…today I learned I should compact my radio data files, hmm and my computer is running better with Radio app…thanks Andy Radio Tip: every month or so from the Radio app select the Radio > Utilities > Compact Data Files… menu.

the mysteries of a mac

January 12, 2004 Comments Off on the mysteries of a mac

solving the mysterious problems of a mac user…I’ve been trying to help another user with her problem on her blog.. see the discussion thread here….I’m not a Mac user and i’m not sure what I’m seeing from her finders results..screenshot, if you are a Mac user, any suggestions welcome… any ideas or suggestions also welcome …

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What Color are You?

December 28, 2003 Comments Off on What Color are You?

you are paleturquoise#AFEEEE Your dominant hues are green and blue. You’re smart and you know it, and want to use your power to help people and relate to others. Even though you tend to battle with yourself, you solve other people’s conflicts well. Your saturation level is low – You stay out of stressful situations …

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Newbie Tip: Category Link Macro – How to Install and Use

December 17, 2003 Comments Off on Newbie Tip: Category Link Macro – How to Install and Use

You can download the macro here: Item Categories Macro (by right clicking on the link if you have windows and saving target as “the default name” on to your hard drive – I usually save it on my desktop easy to find when you go to install it)How to install this script into your Radio.root: You will …

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category link macro

December 17, 2003 Comments Off on category link macro

category link macro…its working..little tweaks needed for location and spacing..test 1 2 3. A big THANKS to Tweezerman…I figured you had created one of these at one point 🙂 Thanks Jake for answering on the discussion board and trying to figure it out for everyone…too. Newbie Tip – Category Link Macro – How to Install …

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PC Magazine Article about Radio

December 14, 2003 Comments Off on PC Magazine Article about Radio

I found this interesting article last night in PC Magazine about Blog Tools and Radio Userland was the third one mentioned and discussed. What I found interesting is that Radio Userland was mentioned as one of the blog tools available..there is a summary of features from various blog tools that is available for download here

the willies

December 4, 2003 Comments Off on the willies

somedays are like yesteryear in my mind winter days, rainstorms the feel of a lover’s arm wrapped in sensous tenderness next to the fire A time to need, a time to want what wasn’t there before and still isn’t there today A feeling, a ghost of a lover’s past wrapped in pain, wrapped in love …

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Cleansing Spell Needed

November 16, 2003 Comments Off on Cleansing Spell Needed

I need a good cleansing spell for my new office..I still feel like there is a lot of negativity in there and around me..any suggestions?  

a simple way to enter a post-dated post…..

November 15, 2003 Comments Off on a simple way to enter a post-dated post…..

Apparently – this does not work…do not try this…I’ll figure out a work around eventually – doesn’t link to the calendar correctly I’m sure there are easier ways to do this…but this is the simplest way to create a post-dated entry into your blog without having to understand the macro or how to open the …

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adding text colors inside the comment box..

November 15, 2003 Comments Off on adding text colors inside the comment box..

interesting find..I was trying to figure out how to add colors to my comments or when I insert a comment into my comments..its all code – let me explain, the comments box is basically a WYSIWYG comment box without the text formatting options, in order to change the color of the comment text you have …

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