getting all the thoughts out of my head

September 29, 2004 Comments Off on getting all the thoughts out of my head

usually i relax in the shower, sort through my day, figure out solutions to my problems but tonight i’m still in that state of a millions things to do, running a business is hard work, I’m not particulary organized when I go to a client and sell myself which is probably not a good thing since i’m selling the idea that i can organize your books, your office, your projects, what i seriously need is a laptop so everything is there ready to go with examples and how things work but as I am once again very broke and maxed on all credit cards, the laptop needs to wait. I feel like i don’t have anytime for myself anymore and what i truly need is a massage and some downtime to organized my thoughts…so free writing..getting everything out and maybe i’ll sleep tonight..last night i dreamed i took care of something and woke up to find out, it was only a dream, here’s what going through my head..any insights, feel free to comment

money, money, will i have enough to pay the bills, addendum for malcolm, will he be ok with the rate per hour, i don’t think its extremely high, should i post my rates on my site, what exactly am i doing for malcolm, need to finish an email and get the consulting agreement to 3rd client with some examples, can’t find the damn examples, somewhere in my computer, my carpel tunnel is killing me, wearing the brace now at home, feels like a truck ran over my back, website design for dogzilla, dogzilla walking across the page with blurbs on the menu, need to work on the grumpy girl design..haven’t forgotten about her, just busy, need to work on my shimmeringenergy designs, need to pull some jpegs of my site designs to show other I can design sites, need to print the 2nd draft of the proposal for MLA – wording change, need to proof it again, need to go to bed soon but want to talk to Ryan, Ryan leads to Jay, when they come out here I have people I know that I can now introduce to Jay, are they ever coming here, what about tony? is he straight? was he flirting with me today, is that why he forgot the meat sauce on the hotdog?, out of cigarettes, where are the geeks – i know someone knows how to hook a TV to a PC..s-video cable right?, my desk is disaster, i probably just defaulted on my student loan but really there is no money available for it yet, hopefully after the first of the year, what bill am I not paying so I can afford to buy food this week, tired of being dizzy cuz I’m not eating, i need a me day, need to finish my mom’s birthday present, get pictures of those designs and get them up on my site and I thought running a business would get me more time, boy was I wrong, i just need to get organized, get things flowing smoothly..ok i can do this, this is what I’m selling I can do, just need to do it for myself

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