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Unplugged: Turn off the palm pilot, the computer, the answering machine, the fax, the beeper and the cell phone. Make believe you’ve been cast off on a tropical island. Be technology-free for one day

Spend a Day at the Beach: Surf the waves. Read a romance novel or mystery novel under the umbrella. Contemplatively comb the beach for shells. Build a sand castle.

Personal Pilgrimage: Design a personal pilgrimage for internal peace. Even if you can’t afford a trek to Nepal or visit the power spots of Sedona, you’ll benefit from planning an imaginary trip to a sacred place. Choose an area you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Learn more about it. Collect some travel brochures. Speak to people that have been there. Find the fulfillment in your fantasy – but you can also start saving loose change for the future possiblity

“We need time to dream, time to remember, and time to reach the infinite, time to be” Gladys Taber

The window to the spirit is the silent spaces between our thoughts” Deepak Chopra

Cool down the calorie and caffeine free way. A pitcher of iced herbal tea is a perfect soother on a hot summer’s day. Pour yourself a tall, CHILLED glass of chamomile or lemon balm or mint tea and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint.

  • Sit by the water’s edge
  • Skip stones across a pond
  • Dip your toes in the lake
  • Listen to the surf break

Sacred circle: attend a monthly meditation group or start a group. Gather together with others to share the sacred silence and to explore emotions

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