Ancient Guardians

May 9, 2005 Comments Off on Ancient Guardians

feathers of an ancient man
softly falling like rain upon the soul
our ancient guardians watch over us
leading, guiding, holding our hands down the winding path of life
helping us find our inner peace, our inner balance
giddy, skipping stones, silently feeling our hearts with pleasure
dancing with the tides
swaying with the wind
our ancient souls meet
once upon a time
in the wind, the water and the air
we were one
past lives merging like waterfalls pooling in the depths of our minds
slowly through the forest
of everyday life
forgotten yet still there guiding
showing us, shifting silently through our world, through our minds
into everyday grace
our ancient guardians watch over us
Inspired by the new age pianst, Kevin Kerns’ Ancient Guardians

Categories : Poetry