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RIP Stinky

February 2, 2013 Comments Off on RIP Stinky

A month after losing Turtle, Stinky died from kidney failure.  Stinky was an old guy, he was 17 this year, he had feline hyperthyroidism, after many years on medication that causes horrible side effects such as kidney failure, I finally got him treatment at Radiocat.  The radiocat treatment was successful, he started gaining weight and …

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RIP Turtle

February 2, 2013 Comments Off on RIP Turtle

It was extremely hard month in December of 2012, first Turtle succumbed to her chronic renal failure and after 17 glorious years of hanging out with her, I put her to sleep, she died in my arms. I absolutely love the way Adobe Animal Hospital helps our friends to pass on, they allowed me to hold …

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RIP Sebastian

December 2, 2011 Comments Off on RIP Sebastian

Sebastian, the little semi-feral cat with a spine problem, he came into my heart with a whoosh and an eww! He needed regularly bathing because of his spontaneous poop and pee but once we got that under control he was a lovable little guy, he absolutely loved been brushed out and knew exactly how to …

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PC Magazine Article about Radio

December 14, 2003 Comments Off on PC Magazine Article about Radio

I found this interesting article last night in PC Magazine about Blog Tools and Radio Userland was the third one mentioned and discussed. What I found interesting is that Radio Userland was mentioned as one of the blog tools available..there is a summary of features from various blog tools that is available for download here


August 20, 2003 Comments Off on Blogstakes

I like this idea..another great news item that reflects my mood tonight We might already be a winner. Blogstakes is a new promotional site for contests with two winners — the person who entered and the weblog that referred the entrant: So if the prize is a truck, then the winning entry gets a truck …

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windows rules!

August 20, 2003 Comments Off on windows rules!

This is why Windows rules!! This is hillarious.. crash different. I love my Mac so much that I’m happy to share this hillarious anti-mac clip. [via popdex] [Adam Curry: Adam Curry’s Weblog]

Trackback in Radio [1].

July 22, 2003 Comments Off on Trackback in Radio [1].

Trackback in Radio. Good morning from San Francisco. Had dinner last night with Jake Savin, talked about lots of development issues with Radio, Manila, Frontier. There was some confusion about Trackback in Radio. There’s a common bit between Frontier and Radio, apps.trackback. The part was released for Radio, with no explanation. Not cool. So the …

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Announcing Help Blog [1].

July 22, 2003 Comments Off on Announcing Help Blog [1].

Announcing Help Blog. Announcing Help!Blog! This seems like a really good thing.  Utilizing blogs and newsfeeds, HELP!blog is a vehicle to connect people with needs with people with solutions. It might as be as simple as an easy answer to a question or it might be more significant help to someone’s desparate situation. Either way, …

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News Article from USA Today about Blogs

July 17, 2003 Comments Off on News Article from USA Today about Blogs

My mom sent me this article that she read in USA Today about blogs…called Welcome to the Blogosphere and I realized that she’s reading my blog occassionally which isn’t a bad thing but its my mom and I know that she knows me but does she know about everything? So since my mom is reading my blog, …

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How to help [1].

July 10, 2003 Comments Off on How to help [1].

How to help. People ask how they can help UserLand. Here’s one way. When someone asks an intelligent question on one of the user mail lists, be sure they get an intelligent answer. Lawrence is totally overloaded and it’s a well-known fact that he can’t get in every loop, although he surely tries. Especially while …

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