RIP Turtle

February 2, 2013 Comments Off on RIP Turtle

It was extremely hard month in December of 2012, first Turtle succumbed to her chronic renal failure and after 17 glorious years of hanging out with her, I put her to sleep, she died in my arms. I absolutely love the way Adobe Animal Hospital helps our friends to pass on, they allowed me to hold her while she moved on.


Turtle was the oldest of the bunch and she had been through it all with me, she has always been the one to remind me to get up and get going, she was patient and loving and the one that always went out to find the others before going to bed herself. ¬†She absolutely hated closed doors and if I was behind one, she needed to be in the room with me. She wasn’t a lap cat but she was always near, her presence dominating the room.

RIP my sweet silly girl, you are missed every day


Turtle 10/1/95 – 12/6/12

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