RIP Stinky

February 2, 2013 Comments Off on RIP Stinky

A month after losing Turtle, Stinky died from kidney failure.  Stinky was an old guy, he was 17 this year, he had feline hyperthyroidism, after many years on medication that causes horrible side effects such as kidney failure, I finally got him treatment at Radiocat.  The radiocat treatment was successful, he started gaining weight and acting like his old self again, a quiet, non-cranky cat. But sadly, the medication that he had taken the last 3 years had caused kidney failure and shortly after he started feeling better, he started getting sick again, lost all the weight he had gained, stopped eating and drinking water and started down the same spiral that I saw in turtle, a little less than a week ago, Stinky died in my arms from kidney failure.


Stinky originally was Spanky (like Alfalfa and Spanky) but over the years, it changed to anything with an “inky” at the end. It wasn’t that he was stinky, he was just a little pushy and got his way most of the time, he was a spoiled child and he was a bottle-fed kitten, very affectionate and loving.   The years with the hyperthyroidism was extremely stressful not only for him but myself,  he was sick, I didn’t know how to help and he hated getting his medication, in retrospect, maybe he was trying to tell me that it had horrible side effectsspanky3Stinky was the neighborhood cat, every morning when he was feeling good, he would go greet the neighbors, check out their yards, probably got lots and lots of treats in the process. And in the summer, his favorite spot was by the big tree with the mint planted in it. He absolutely loved the smell of mint or menthol, I’d put something with menthol on and he would go nuts trying to find the source of the smell.

Stinky Sleeping

His purr was like a little motor running at full-speed, it was the white noise I feel asleep to at night.  I miss him.

Stinky 091611

Stinky 5/1/96 – 1/28/13

Rest in peace, my little friend. Go play in summerland where mint grows to the heavens and you can frolic to your hearts desire.

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