The drain

May 12, 2013 Comments Off on The drain

I keep reading these articles about motivating your employees, how to stop micro-managing, how to get some fire and direction under their butt, how to get them to understand that the company can’t afford to waste time, how everything they do needs to be within the budget of each project but then I realize its not me.

Seriously when you spend 15 hours going over budget on a project, it should be done right?  I should be able to open the file and it should be ready to go for me? If it only takes me 5 hours and the other bookkeeper can do it in 5 hours too, then the person that went over budget is fucking around and not really doing the work.

When you’re asked to do something and then I follow up to help you and its not done, what did you do for those 10 hours that you recorded your time doing? Can we say rip-off? I don’t trust her anymore to do the work or be here if something comes up. I’ve changed her job description several time to help keep her here and I know she is not a bookkeeper, there is no urgency within her to keep within budget. What I don’t think she understand, is for her time, that means I have to work twice as hard to pay her wages because I can’t bill for the work that she said she did but didn’t do.

Then there is the whole thing about changing hours her timesheet after the fact, WTF? That I just took care of, I can lock the timesheet for a week. She’s not a bookkeeper, she’s not an office manager, then what is she?

Any running my credit card bills up for the gas cards, omg, I owe 1200 to chevron and none of that was for my gas – the patsy in me stops now, I’m running a business, not a free hand out.

And what about the other thing, while I’m getting this off my chest. She’s suppose to be the backup for the sanctuary but she’s afraid to feed the cats because they don’t come to her, umm, they’re feral, they don’t come to me either but I feed them twice a day, I don’t not feed them because I can’t pet them. I’m totally afraid to take a vacation because she won’t show up to feed them. I do know that when I’m not suppose to be here according to my schedule, she doesn’t come to work. Hmm, maybe I should do an alternative calendar that only I know about for a week and see what happens but I shouldn’t have to do that, right? And the bank issue, she can’t get a checking account because of something she was suppose to take care of a long time ago, there are always excuses for everything.

And asking me for an advance because you messed up your budget – red flag, wake up! Besides that pissed me off, she wanted her paycheck early and then she wanted more ? And she worked 30 hours of which 20 I have to redo the work?

Now if you’re reading this, you’d probably tell me to wake the fuck up! She shouldn’t even be working right? But she owes me money still that’s no reason to have someone hang on and use me. It boils down to that, I’m being used. I can rationalize it any way I want, but the bottom line, is she needs to go. I’m running a business and I know where the drain is.


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