The tail ends

June 12, 2013 Comments Off on The tail ends

The tail ends in which way beyond yonder does it wag? The mind is racing and racing again spinning out of control. The endless whirlwinds running through the synapses, firing off millions of thoughts and then a strange clarity of how to fix the bookcase on the menu appears and duh, it’s a background issue. Off to the races we go, from google calendar to which way to make a zap. Zap the brain starts firing again and we’re back on the merry go round, singing posies and all fall down to the pickers and the picket fence we fly round the bend to the back recesses of the well exploding upwards and way we fly to the to dos and the forgotten climbs on the trellis, climbing up, falling back, get up and go again, up, down, two steps forward, five steps back, if we keep going, we will reach the top, the spinning top, the creation is building up again, where will it lead, to chasing out own tails, capturing the end goal to just relax! Let go, spill the beans, twindle our thumbs,  play pick up sticks and let the brain slow down, to sleep my friends is a precious thing, to wind down the racing of one’s mind, is to let it wag beyond the way as the tail ends.


Inspired by Sally who was chasing her own tail tonight, flying in circles trying to capture her prey.

I’m back! Time to start writing again.


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