RIP Sebastian

December 2, 2011 Comments Off on RIP Sebastian

Sebastian, the little semi-feral cat with a spine problem, he came into my heart with a whoosh and an eww! He needed regularly bathing because of his spontaneous poop and pee but once we got that under control he was a lovable little guy, he absolutely loved been brushed out and knew exactly how to move his legs to get them all cleaned up. I think he might have even started getting some feeling back in those back legs. The neighborhood knew him as hop-a-long and all thought he was such a sweet cat….

Stupid people in cars, watch where you’re going and if you hit something, stop, check it out and ask the people in the area..just maybe you could have save his life (damn there are 2 vet techs on this street)…just maybe, I would have my little guy still here with me.

I was calm about finding him until I went to feed everyone tonight, instead of 10 bowls, there are only 9 bowls. No more running to find me in the morning, meowing at me to feed him, no more hearing him or almost tripping over him because he liked to fall against my legs, no more scratching his little head or seeing him grow up in to a fine young man with goregous long hair.

Sebastian 7/20/10 to 12/2/11

Rest in peace, my little friend. Go play in Summerland where your legs work and you can climb up the tallest tree or on top of the roof with your friends (instead of longingly looking up). ┬áTell your brother, Squirt, hi for me and play with one another. I’ll miss you but you will always have a piece of my heart.

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