Trackback in Radio [1].

July 22, 2003 Comments Off on Trackback in Radio [1].

Trackback in Radio.

A picture named jakeSavin.jpgGood morning from San Francisco. Had dinner last night with Jake Savin, talked about lots of development issues with Radio, Manila, Frontier.

There was some confusion about Trackback in Radio. There’s a common bit between Frontier and Radio, apps.trackback. The part was released for Radio, with no explanation. Not cool. So the next thing on Jake’s to-do list is to complete the implementation of Trackback for Radio (it’s already released for Manila, here’s my test post). Last night he released a test version of the easy half. The other side isn’t that hard, but it’s more difficult than Manila because Radio is not a publicly accessible Internet app, it runs on the desktop.

After that, Jake is going to review how Manila supports RSS (there are some glitches, as reported by Mark Pilgrim) and add a feature that allows per-category feeds (Manila calls them departments). It was good to see Jake. We’re going to meet again today to keep the conversation going.

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