News Article from USA Today about Blogs

July 17, 2003 Comments Off on News Article from USA Today about Blogs

My mom sent me this article that she read in USA Today about blogs…called Welcome to the Blogosphere and I realized that she’s reading my blog occassionally which isn’t a bad thing but its my mom and I know that she knows me but does she know about everything? So since my mom is reading my blog, I figured why not share it with my grandmother..who will also learn more about me than she knew.

The article is interesting..couple of excerpts from the article, Welcome to the Blogospherefrom USA Today:

“Blogs can be anything their creators want them to be, from newsy to deeply personal, argumentative to poetic. Some are written by individuals. Some are group projects. Some have readerships in the thousands and influence world media. Others are read by a handful of people

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