switch media

May 28, 2007 Comments Off on switch media

switch media, left, right, upside down, right side up, switch media, brainstorming from the observation deck, tonight’s card: switch media or maybe switch medium which makes perfect sense, I started out wanting to paint the floors but switched medium because of an issue with the concrete slab, long story but you can’t paint over tar, …

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magick, dreams, whispers

April 1, 2007 Comments Off on magick, dreams, whispers

Relax, let the magick happen Upon the winds of dreams and the whispers of our enchanted souls let the magick flow

The new gate

March 5, 2007 Comments Off on The new gate

The gate I built, if you notice to the left of the picture – there stands the old rickety gate now looking back at the original idea I started with…here, I need to add a latch of some sort..that would be helpful

loving the jigsaw

February 19, 2007 Comments Off on loving the jigsaw

what I really wanted in a new gate was something like this and there is no way I can afford to put in a 600.00 gate especially since I didn’t want to pay for the labor in the first place…so as I was driving to a client office today, I realized I forgot to measure the height …

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who needs a handyman anyways? I can do it!

February 18, 2007 Comments Off on who needs a handyman anyways? I can do it!

when I bought my house, i went on the premise that I could do most of the remodeling and handyman work and then when it came too it, the easy way out would be to hire someone to do it but when I got the bids for the work no way, i can do it …

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interviewing handymen

February 9, 2007 Comments Off on interviewing handymen

i’m interviewing a couple of handymen today for some odd projects around the house and after the first one, I’m thinking it would just be easier to buy a book and do it myself. The first one that showed up was 20 minutes late – i’m ok with that, i’m usually late. Then I showed …

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purry furries

August 2, 2006 Comments Off on purry furries

moonbeams of the night sky shine upon the mouth of the whispercave where purry furries dance and surround her with shimmering light being too furry in one’s house has its advantages

Autofill Outlook 2003 Tip

May 23, 2006 Comments Off on Autofill Outlook 2003 Tip

Running Outlook 2003 on a Win XP Pro box.  When entering the email “To”field, the auto-fill function nicely provides relevant possibilities – love the feature but how do you delete a wrong email address or delete an unwanted email address Answer – actually very simple but i had to search for it Just start typing …

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April 29, 2006 Comments Off on blogthings

saw this quiz on Zy’s blog and then proceeded to take two other tests 🙂   You Are a Newborn Soul You are tolerant, accepting, and willing to give anyone a chance.On the flip side, you’re easy to read and easily influenced by others.You have a fresh perspective on life, and you can be very …

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CSS Code with Blogroll

November 26, 2005 Comments Off on CSS Code with Blogroll

testing my css code with a blogroll and a table list how the hell do you get a blogroll to single space..is it padding? nope, i give up, working on it later, I need to get up