switch media

May 28, 2007 Comments Off on switch media

switch media, left, right, upside down, right side up, switch media, brainstorming from the observation deck, tonight’s card: switch media or maybe switch medium which makes perfect sense, I started out wanting to paint the floors but switched medium because of an issue with the concrete slab, long story but you can’t paint over tar, just can’t, media plural of medium, mediums, different types of medium, gotta get my brain working again, its going slack from just accounting, I used to love learning new words everyday and writing was forefront in my passions and somehow I let those go, no more, switching media from accounting back to writing, back to listening the the signs, switching mediums from rough to sexy to passions – writing, music, art, change up the media, keep it interesting,  follow my passions, volunteer, do something new, that song from joss stone, don’t know how – just how I feel lately, my heart beats racing, he’s so fine and I don’t know how to tell him how I am I really feeling, switch it up, whispercave, whisperdreams, kiss softly, kiss slowly, whispercave is a dream, its a medium of my soul.

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