Remodeling living & dining room

June 4, 2007 2 Comments

I painted my living room and dining room and installed hardwood floors over the last couple of weeks. Originally I wanted to paint the living room and dining room floors in a really cool artistic pattern with poetry on the floors – similar to this idea

Then when I pulled up the carpet and found tar on the concrete, plans changed. I guess originally in the 1940s they put abestos tile throughout the house over the concrete foundation and to install those, they had to first put tar down, then the tiles, thank god the previous owner had already had those removed – because it would have cost me so much more to deal with that – being its hazardous waste and all. And you can’t paint over tar, it just bubbles up eventually or scraps off and here’s what that looked like..concrete pic

all best intentions go astray…and I really wanted hardwood floor eventually just wasn’t planning on doing it now, so something out there was telling me to just do it and here’s the end result

more pictures here…

dining room before  ::::::: dining room after

living room before :::::::: living room after/mocha walls

next is the landscaping

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      Yes, links back are always welcome. And yes, you can quote as long as you link back to me.