who needs a handyman anyways? I can do it!

February 18, 2007 Comments Off on who needs a handyman anyways? I can do it!

when I bought my house, i went on the premise that I could do most of the remodeling and handyman work and then when it came too it, the easy way out would be to hire someone to do it but when I got the bids for the work no way, i can do it myself or for the most part I can do it myself. Today I used my jigsaw for the first time and didn’t hurt myself, actually it was quite fun. And I built a gate, the gate is a little heavy but it’s definetly sturdy, I ran out of light to finish putting it up and I’m not sure if I’m strong enough to get it up by myself but that’s what friends are for right? 

I also figured out the trick at home depot, if you go in looking like a girl that has no clue, then no one will help you. If you go in, looking like you know exactly what you’re doing, then every guy in there wants to help out whether you need it or not. Case in point, yesterday I was wearing a tank top and sandals and was carrying a purse and went to home depot – no one person ask me if I needed any help. Today, I went in t-shirt, tennis shoes, no purse and went to pull the lumber down and all of the sudden there were two guys asking me if I needed help.

Building the gate took a little longer than expected, I was going to do that, then work a little, then paint the wall, so new plan of action for the weekend, is one project then working. Its still tax time and everyone needs something plus I have a few other tigerpaw projects going on right now.

So tommorrow, I must get up early and finish the gate and then head off to work.

Next week, I’m going to fix the other side of the fence that’s about to fall down. Seriously, $300.00 to install a new post, that’s BS. I checked out prices today, new 4×4 post is 10.00 + the cement 5.00 = this is a 15.00 repair and maybe like 2 hours of my time. Oh and maybe I should install some lights out in my backyard so I can see.

And the pocket door install, there is no way I’m paying 1000.00 to install it. I can figure it out. There are books and I know how to take down and put up sheet rock, so I’ll just figure out the rest.

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