loving the jigsaw

February 19, 2007 Comments Off on loving the jigsaw

what I really wanted in a new gate was something like this and there is no way I can afford to put in a 600.00 gate especially since I didn’t want to pay for the labor in the first place…so as I was driving to a client office today, I realized I forgot to measure the height of the 4×4 stud, I think it was shorter than I had made the gate and if so, I need to cut the gate down a smidgen…and yes, when I got home, the 4×4 was about 12 inches short – cool! Now I could jigsaw the top of the fence into a rounded configuration – its rounded enough, I can’t seem to draw a circle straight, actually I can’t draw a straight line very well either, so now I’ve got my rounded top just like I wanted. Tommorrow morning I have to go back and buy another 2×4 and reattach it to the top, lesson learned, always measure everything twice. And then I need to finish cutting out the kitty door, take the old gate down and hang up the new gate but at least by taking off a foot, its a little easier to manage and I can probably hang it myself. I was thinking about putting a small butterfly in the middle but that might have to wait…

now that I’ve used the jigsaw and am not scared of it, there are so many cool designs floating in my head and I realize I can do what I want with the gate, its my gate and so what if the top isn’t perfect, its my first time using a jigsaw and for that matter first time I’ve ever built a gate..pictures soon

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