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Adding graphics before or after the navigator links macro

July 12, 2003 Comments Off on Adding graphics before or after the navigator links macro

Someone asked on the discussion board how to add graphics to the navigator links. I have no idea but I did figure out how to add graphics underneath or above the navigator link macro by editing your home page template and adding the image source code. I found this great documentation on how to add …

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Referers Link Code

July 5, 2003 Comments Off on Referers Link Code

Interesting, realized that my referers link wasn’t working correctly. I could see it but no one else could…lets see if new link works..then I’ll add the code..its works..correct code for referers link: <a href=”http://radio.xmlstoragesystem.com/rcsPublic/referers?site=0119318&group=radio1“> whereas your radio weblog number goes in place of the mine which is in red above

Newbie Tips: The Blogroll

June 29, 2003 Comments Off on Newbie Tips: The Blogroll

A lot of people have asked how to create a blogroll or where to insert the blogroll once created into the home page templates and or how to use navigator links with a blogroll, Userland’s Documentation is great if you’ve seen HTML code before however it can be quite confusing for some…so I create a new …

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June 29, 2003 Comments Off on Blogrolls

I’ve been working on newbie tips for blogrolls and have created a newbie tips test page as I finally really like the way I setup my blogrolls and don’t want to screw up my pages by testing something… soon to be done: blogrolls how tos

Inserting Graphics or Screenshots

June 28, 2003 Comments Off on Inserting Graphics or Screenshots

I posted a question on the discussion board to find out to insert screenshots or graphics into some of my stories because it would be helpful to explain some of the blogrolling techniques with pictures. I got a lot of reads but no answers. I was searching for something else yesterday in the radio documentation …

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Changing the Font Color of your Blog Title

June 26, 2003 Comments Off on Changing the Font Color of your Blog Title

Interestingly enough last night I figured out how to change the color of my blog title inside the template instead of in the title and description section in Radio. I still haven’t figured out how to get it to be italic although I have entered the code for it….update..thanks from Bob in comments, figured out …

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Adding comments to category pages and item templates..

June 23, 2003 Comments Off on Adding comments to category pages and item templates..

This actually really easy if you know where to insert the comment macro. First place you need to go to once you open radio is PREFS > ITEM TEMPLATE and insert the comment macro link <%commentLink%> The Item Template will look like this before you insert the comment macro <table width=”100%” cellpadding=”1″>  <tr>    <td valign=”top”>      …

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Adding Pictures

June 9, 2003 Comments Off on Adding Pictures

Make sure “MyPictures” is enabled in Radio by clicking on mypictures on your desktop template (your editing screen in radio – on the right hand side) Then create a folder for where you want Radio to pull your pictures from, I created one on my desktop just to make it easy and told Radio that …

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Adding Links to Text

June 8, 2003 Comments Off on Adding Links to Text

Adding links to text is easy if you know the code…. Go to the source code of the post you want to add a link to, find the word or text that you want to add the link to, enter the following code before the word and after the word. < a href = “ …

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List of upcoming newbie tips:

June 8, 2003 Comments Off on List of upcoming newbie tips:

Blogrolls – how to create them, how to place them in categories and in templates Monthly Archives – how to Navigator Links..best source is Shifted Librarian Recent Posts – how to Pictures – how to add to post I’ve gotten a little sidetracked this days with my second job..but I definetly will keep working on …

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