Adding graphics before or after the navigator links macro

July 12, 2003 Comments Off on Adding graphics before or after the navigator links macro

Someone asked on the discussion board how to add graphics to the navigator links. I have no idea but I did figure out how to add graphics underneath or above the navigator link macro by editing your home page template and adding the image source code.

I found this great documentation on how to add graphics into your weblog which is how I got the screenshots to work. The instructions are clear and easy to follow.

First step: Read and follow Russ Lipton’s  “how to copy and paste graphics into your weblog”

Second step: You’ll need to edit your home page template to add the graphics under or above your navigator links macro

Open your home page template which can be found under PREFS > Home Page Template

Scroll down til you find your <%navigatorLinks%> macro

then add the following code for the image before or after the <%navigatorLinks%> macro

<img src=”url for the image” >

so it will look like this when done if you want the image above the navigatorLinks macro

<img src=

If you want your graphics centered, include the following code before and after the image source code

<div align=”center”>

which will look like this


<div align=”center”>

<img src=

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