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Blogrolls and categories

June 2, 2003 Comments Off on Blogrolls and categories

Ongoing question about how to use the blogroll with category pages.. So I can’t have different themes on my weblog and use the blogroll? You can. You just need to edit the theme’s template files to use the blogroll. You can’t do that using the desktop Web site. Instead, open each category’s folder in /www/categories …

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Blogroll macro and CSS codes

May 28, 2003 Comments Off on Blogroll macro and CSS codes

So I’m no longer using the navigator links macro <%navigatorLinks%> for the left side of my blog..just because it got to cumbersome to keep using the navigator link page and a blogroll is easier to deal with at this point…so I had to insert the CSS Style Code into my main template, my desktop template and …

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Blogrolls instead of Navigator Links

May 25, 2003 Comments Off on Blogrolls instead of Navigator Links

New newbie tip coming soon…I just used the blogroll concept instead of navigator links for the left side of my blog…my navigator links were getting too long and too hard to manage…I like the way it looks now, it was interesting to get the right colors for the blue background…will work on instructions later..right now …

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Newbie Tips for Blogrolls

May 19, 2003 Comments Off on Newbie Tips for Blogrolls

…soon to be coming. I realized after helping someone with the concept of blogrolls and how to get them aligned, they are a little different than “mysubscriptions” blogroll..I’ve created a test for sandra below my subscriptions just to see how it would look and how it works – as soon as I get a chance …

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Font Color Codes

May 18, 2003 Comments Off on Font Color Codes

I keep having to go to Front Page to find the color codes I want which is ok but thinking it would be nice to just have a list of the color codes for reference for me and anyone else, these are colors that aren’t available from the drop down list on the WYSIWYG in …

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Newbie Tips: Blogrolls and Space Under the Calendar

May 10, 2003 Comments Off on Newbie Tips: Blogrolls and Space Under the Calendar

I finally figured out how to use the blank space under my calendar for phrases, other links, mysubscriptions(and anything else that I didn’t want to put or couldn’t figure out how to put into my navigator links) and how to align/center the text and change the font size of mysubscriptions.opml with a little help from the …

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News: Radio Feature Requests

April 29, 2003 Comments Off on News: Radio Feature Requests

Common list of feature requests for Radio (Jake take note). [Scripting News] Add to the wish list…is the improved user interface for news items such as the one for Manila see Jake’s mock-up I think the Google bar link instructions could be made more user-friendly…just a thought…maybe I’ll add to my newbie tips. Another feature …

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April 12, 2003 Comments Off on HTML Tips

Now that I’ve lost my post twice..once due to an IE error and once to my own fault..third time is a charm. After using Radio for a couple of months, I’ve noticed there isn’t a whole lot of documentation on how to change text font colors beyond the standard drop down list on a new …

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