Adding Pictures

June 9, 2003 Comments Off on Adding Pictures

Make sure “MyPictures” is enabled in Radio by clicking on mypictures on your desktop template (your editing screen in radio – on the right hand side)

Then create a folder for where you want Radio to pull your pictures from, I created one on my desktop just to make it easy and told Radio that I wanted to pull my images from this location.

C:\\Documents and Settings\\Julie\\Desktop\\Pictures-Radio\\

also make sure that the location that Radio is going to pull the pictures to is set to this location or wherever you www folder is located.

C:\\Program Files\\Radio UserLand\\www\\images\\

Here is how I got it to work:

I created a jpeg and put it on my desktop and then made a copy of the jpeg and put that on my desktop, then moved the copy of xxx to the Pictures-Radio file – once that copy of xxx is in my Pictures-Radio folder then Radio upstreams it to the images file and after a few seconds, it shows up on my entry that I’m posting.

for example:

vintage.jpeg is the original picture

then I make a copy of vintage.jpeg which gets named “copy of vintage.jpeg”

“copy of vintage.jpeg” gets moved to my watched folder

Then you need to play with the positioning of the picture and the text. I’ll go into further details soon…but I need to get to work.

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