Psoriatic Arthritis Nerve Pain

August 15, 2014 2 Comments

Came across this blog when I was trying to figure out if the new nerve pain shooting from the bottom of my foot to my knee cap was related to my psoriatic arthritis and she’s had similar pain. When I research nerve pain and psoriatic arthritis, I find website that go into great detail about PA but not really anything related to nerve pain or I’m redirected to a diabetes site, I don’t have diabetes, I have this strange shooting angry raw pain from my foot to my knee cap on one side and it doesn’t matter if I’m lying down, standing up or sitting. My knee feels like it’s out of place, I can I barely stumble around. It stiff and swollen. My hands occasionally go numb and start to tingle.  After much research last night and reading her blog, it seems like these are all symptoms of PA.

I started a new treatment for my psoriasis and it’s working on clearing up the pustular plantar psoriasis on my feet and hands but the side effects are that my PA is getting worse, as the skin clears up, I can feel the nerves inside shooting off random little spikes of pain. My mom made an interesting observation, is the psoriasis a conduit for the nerve issues or in other words, is psoriasis part of the skin nervous system and without a place to go outside the body, it reverts back to the skin nervous system.  Just found an interesting article about that same concept.  So it seems as I clear up the skin so I’m able to walk and hopefully eventually be able to wear shoes again, that I’m making my PA worse.

All the more reason, I suppose, that I need to exercise and as soon as I can walk without some severe pain shooting through my feet, I shall do just that or get that pool built.

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