Crazy Lady

January 19, 2014 Comments Off on Crazy Lady

So, I’m sitting outside enjoying our unusually warm January winter-summer day and all of the sudden my crazy lady neighbor starts flinging turds and rocks over the fence. Seriously what kind of person does that?  And really what kind of paramedic intentionally sets out to harm people and animals? She could have hit me with those rocks, jokes on her, if she hits me, I’m calling the police for assault. She hurts me or the cats, I’m calling the police. No one should have to live with some crazy ass person flinging stuff into their yard. Most people just clean up the mess and throw it in the trash.

I’m normally a very easy going person but piss me off or hit me with flying rocks, I’m going to have a problem with you.

I have never done anything to this woman, except pay for the fence between our properties to be built, I didn’t ask her for any money towards the project. The fence design had a few flaws and I fixed that out of my own pocket.  She should be happy about not having to pay for a new fence and she should be happy that I didn’t built one like the original one which looks kinda of  like this (open and you can see your neighbors and its not very tall – aka could have seen her before she flung)openfence
No the fence I had built looks like this and its tall and I can’t see over it, nor can she.






She’s weird, she gets mad at the neighbors for parking their cars in front of her house – lady its a public street, people can park wherever they want.

She accused my contractor of breaking into her house. I did write her a nice letter saying that my contractor was also my friend and I trusted him. I would have talked to her in person but she was really weird about allowing me anywhere near her after someone tried to break into her house. What did she really expect, her house was vacant for over 20 years and it was used by the local drug dealers and squatters as the place to hang out. Of course, someone tried to break in, they probably thought it was still empty. Didn’t she do her research before she bought the house.

Then she complained that her house was falling apart – yes, the moron she bought it from, did a lot of cosmetic fixes to sell it. Didn’t she get an appraisal done on the house? Shouldn’t they have caught the water leaks down the wall, the roof needs to be replace, she has asbestos flooring in her house. Not my fault she bought a shitty house.  The guy she bought it from offered to sell it to me, it wasn’t worth the 240,000 she paid for it. It wasn’t worth 50K.  And she was upset that the neighbors were loud, um, did she not check out the house at different times of the day to see what the neighborhood was like? Do they not disclose the various murders in the neighborhood or the gang activities? Why would she not do her research on where she was moving too.

There was a reason I built the kind of fence I did, I know where I live. I knew where I was moving too. But I didn’t expect to have a crazy lady fling shit over the fence at me.

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