She is me and I am her

July 23, 2019 Comments Off on She is me and I am her

Seems like a lifetime ago, I moved my blog from sexymagick to elementswrite because some creepy client found sexymagick and decided to make a big deal of it, I thought maybe I shouldn’t project that kind of image to clients, I started to moved sexymagick then got busy and sidetracked with my actual job

Now many years later, 6 years later, I realize I’m not doing myself any favors hiding who I am. And sexymagick isn’t about sex, it was about the musing of a maiden and now it’s about the musing of a crone, a grown ass woman that sometimes doesn’t want to be an adult, sometimes would much rather be alone and not in a group setting and sure as hell doesn’t have any desire to do public speaking.

I am pagan, I practice wiccan but I also like draconic magick, I believe in fairies and I absolutely love animals.

I believe when you tell a man that you are in love with him, it should be magical and sexy. It most definitely should not make you feel like you are a waste of his time (his words, not mine). Screw him, I am a gorgeous beautiful woman that has a lot to give.

My new motto and it’s a sexy one: nothing ventured, nothing gained. Don’t hold back, be who you are and if anyone doesn’t like it, screw them, they are not your people.

And if you came here looking for sex or sex related things, go check out

She is me and I am her
And I have stopped hiding!


ps..we are moving back to sexymagick in the near future

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