Living with Autoimmune disorder

October 5, 2012 Comments Off on Living with Autoimmune disorder

Living with an autoimmune disorder, when I get sick, I just don’t get a mild form of it, I get the full blown form which may or may not get worse but if I don’t tell people that I have an autoimmune disorder, how are they to understand why I get so sick all the time.

this post explains it all, she has the same type of autoimmune disorder that I do: Krista has palmar-plantar psoriasis.
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Excerpt from her post: Managing a chronic disease like psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis takes time and patience, both precious commodities in my life. It also takes a keen understanding of one’s limitations (something we are ingrained to think we shouldn’t have). Just do it! Make it happen! Be all you can be! To combat these modern-day marketing mantras, sometimes I have to talk to myself out loud about my own needs. “Slow down.” “You are in pain.” “It’s ok to rest.” These basic requirements should be elemental, but amongst the din of email alerts, text vibrations, and never-ending deadlines, my voice becomes quieter and quieter, until only crisis (or extreme pain) can avert me from the hamster wheel. Then, I feel guilty for being a sloth. This is no way to live or work.

I feel guilty for not being able to work or take care of my clients and I’ve gotta learn to take care of myself first but I also need to learn to tell people the truth, not for pity but for an understanding that sometimes shit happens and I may be down for the count but I always come back up raring to go, feeling great and no matter how much pain I might be everything get taken care of.

One thing I’d love for my clients to understand, if that I’m missing in action, stop and think before you go all ape-shit that I’m not paying attention to your needs, that maybe I’m down for a moment and I’ll be back up soon. There are some days, that I can’t walk, that I am in so much pain that I can barely move but I still keep going, just give me a moment to deal my immune system fighting me. And if I get the flu, realize that its not the flu you get, its the flu you hope you never get.