December 16, 2012 Comments Off on Remodeling

You know that feeling that you get when someone new enters your home and they immediately just don’t like it or being in the area, they give off a negative vibe. Then when you hear the comment that they really don’t do work in your area and really can’t manage the project, like its beneath them to work in your area that its not a rich enough project for them to tackle. Well hell, don’t worry, I won’t hire you. Trust me, I only want positive good energy in my house, its my home, its where my heart is. That being said. I know contractors and I know what I want in my house and how I want my home to look, there are so many sites out there about people doing the job themselves and DIY projects with instructions and I’ve been doing it myself for the last two years, its not hard, it just takes time, time is the big factor. Managing a crew is another big factor because it takes time and money. ¬†Money is luxury when clients don’t pay. So instead of hiring a general contractor to manage the project, I think I’ll save my money and hire the right people or just do it myself.

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