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November 6, 2010 1 Comment

Smoking is bad and its a bad habit and I don’t advocate starting it ever but if you do smoke and you happen to live in the US, you might have noticed that your cigarettes are starting to taste funny or leave you with a metallic coppery taste in your mouth. Maybe you have noticed a strange tingly feeling on your lips or tongue, maybe your cigarettes keep going out and you have to relight them constantly or suck hard to get a draw making you cough more or maybe you’re having strange headaches you never had before or getting sick more often or strange rashes appearing – you’re not alone. Cigarettes are now fire safe (FSC) and have added chemicals or bands in the paper that contain Ethylene Vinyl Acetate copolymer emulsion based adhesive (aka Carpet Glue) which is toxic when burned, not to mention they make cigarettes taste god awful and the smell is horrible even more than it ever was.

After quite a bit of research on the internet and emailing possible vendors, I found some non-FSC cigarettes that I can order online. Yes, I want to quit and I’ve tried many many times but I don’t think the government should be making me quit by putting more toxic chemicals in my cigarettes. Its my choice to smoke. Supposedly the FSC cigarettes will save the 700 or so lives that have caused fires but what about the health risks of smoking carpet glue? I and all the other smokers weren’t asked if we’d like to be experimented on by the government. All the people advocating for Fire Safe Cigarettes, how would you like to smoke carpet glue? You wouldn’t right, why should we?

I have found that American Spirt isn’t that bad, its still has a funny taste but not as bad as some of the other brands. The other option besides ordering online from the Urkaine, is to roll my own cigarettes – its quite interesting, if you take the tobacco out of a FSC cigarette and use it in a roll your own tube, that strange coppery sensation is all gone.  Roll your own also has some additional benefits to it… I don’t have to just smoke tobacco, maybe this is my way to quit once and for all. There are other alternatives to smoking tobacco, and no I’m not talking about pot but the habit for me is the act of smoking while I’m working…this way I can try different herbal alternatives (not pot) such as mullein or catnip. Oh yea, here’s an added benefit, it will save me money!! So I’ve ordered the equipment, rolling machine, tubes and various tobacco flavors. Going to get herbs next and will try my little experiment, who knows, the whole concept of having to roll my own cigarette might also make me smoke a whole lot less too especially if I have to roll a cigarette before I smoke one.

But overall, I wonder why the government feels like experimenting on citizens. What happened to free choice and all that jazz? And the 700 or so people who died because of leaving a cigarette burning, what about the thousands of people that have died because of drunk driving, will the government start putting some kind of chemical in alcohol to stop people from drinking? What about the people who use guns, are they going to put some chemical in the bullets so they don’t hurt anyone? Where does it stop? What happened to freedom of choice?

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