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November 5, 2010 2 Comments

I have psorasis and most likely Psoriatic Arthritis as well, most days are good days, some days are bad days and I know that when it starts to hurt that I need to take care of myself and yet, I tend to ignore it but I know better, the longer I ignore the flareup, the worse the overall symptons become…the joint pain imagine the ache of a flu in your joints 5x worse. Its bad when my hands start to swell and typing hurts but its not all my fingers, just my index and middle fingers hurt the most. And when it flares up, I get really tired, so tired I could cry, I think its probably my body telling me to rest but I can’t rest, I still need to work and I push myself to the point of exhaustion. From what I’ve been reading about this type of arthritis is “when you have psoriatic arthritis or other kinds of inflammatory arthritis, your body releases chemicals called cytokines that cause inflammation and fatigue. If your fatigue is caused by inflammation from psoriatic arthritis, anti-inflammatory pain reliever medications may help. People with psoriatic arthritis can have anemia. When you have anemia, your body doesn’t have enough red blood cells to carry as much oxygen as you need. You keep feeling tired because your body isn’t getting enough oxygen” and I feel groggy too because I’m tired and in pain. I’m not sure if maybe I’m since I’m pain, my brain is fighting to stay focused during the pain.

I went to a arthritis doctor who dismissed my pain as muscle pain and told me to go to a massage therapist, he seemed more concern about the fact I don’t have medical insurance more than about my concerns. I’ve realized something right then and there, western medicine seems to be all about the money and health insurance. There are some really good doctors out there that care about their patients and its not all about whether or not someone has health insurance but over my lifetime, I’m only run into a handful.

I’ve decided it time to find a naturopath, someone that really cares about the body inate ability to heal itself given the proper tools and someone who cares about the person rather than if their health insurance will cover their bill.

resources: http://arthritis.webmd.com/psoriatic-arthritis/psoriatic-arthritis-8/beat-fatigue

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