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November 12, 2010 6 Comments

Cafe Harrison Review
When I walk into a cafe, I expect to at least see a menu at eye level or in my case, a little below eye level, but I don’t want to have to search for what a place has to eat or drink. I want it front and center so I can quickly order and be on my way. Another thing I would expect to see is the min purchase for debit card, if your min purchase for debit card is $10.00 but a coffee is only $3.50, then I expect that to be posted front and center, why? because I hardly ever carry cash with me anymore unless I’m expecting to find a street food vendor, a cafe, an actual physical store, doesn’t take debit or credit cards is going to lose business and if I had noticed the 10.00 min, I would have left and not order anything because I only wanted a 3.50 dollar drink.  Another thing, if I order a coffee, have sugar available, while you may not like the concept of sugar, give your customers the courtesy of choosing their  sweetner of choice, putting simple sugar syrup in my cold chicory coffee is ick and no I don’t mean offering me sweet-n-low, its not sugar, neither was your agave syrup which honestly to me taste disgusting in any type of coffee. Give me a choice. If I order the lemonade basil without ice, give me a full cup of it, not what you would only put in with the ice, its rip-off. And what is the deal with not giving people bags for their food, if there are taking it to go, put the food in a damn bag. If you want to do something for the environment and have people remember who you are, do organic bags or cotton bags instead of paper or plastic but for godsakes, put the togo order in a bag. Pricing is average for the city. Parking is a little hard to find but there is a UCSF lot within a skip from the cafe.

Stable Cafe Review
I’ve kind of have put off doing a review of this one but now its time. The food is amazingly delicious and interesting in a good way. If I could take the chef home with me to cook dinner for me everynight, I would, its that good! But once again, when I walk into the cafe, I have to hunt for the menu which is off to the side and potentially hidden behind people waiting for their food. The front counter staff isn’t always prompt to turn around or take an order, you have to wait for them to do their thing – multi-tasking isn’t their strong point. Like I said the food is amazing but don’t order from the display case, the display case needs to be refridgerated, towards the end of the day, the food has been sitting there all day and they take it back to reheat it for you, while I understand making the sandwiches in the morning ahead of the rush, cold cuts, cheese and eggs in my opinion shouldn’t be left out all day especially when its hot outside. Sugar, Cream and all that jazz is off to the side under the stairs, in my opinion it in a bad spot especially if the place is crowded for lunch time, you can’t get to it but at least they have the option of sugar. Bags, another one that doesn’t give you a bag unless you ask for it but at least they have bags for to go orders. Pricing is a little about average, I wouldn’t recommend going to grab a soft drink from there when you can walk 1/2 a block down and get it cheaper Parking is a little hard to find but there is an UCSF Lot 1/2 a block away.  Be prepared to wait for your food, its take a while to get to you even if they reheat the food from the display case but Stable is about the ambiance, the clean architectural historical/modern cafe, the outside cozy patio. On the plus side, they take debit and credit cards even for small items such as a coffee.

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