hanging out with schnarfelpopper and wafflepants

September 18, 2007 Comments Off on hanging out with schnarfelpopper and wafflepants

Schnarfelpopper and wafflepants decided to take a walk, where they were going no one knows. Who they were….we haven’t figured that out yet, but something tells me we will towards the end.

As they walk along their boardwalk, they discuss having a PHP page that loads and displays that individuals blog from a MySQL database, they discuss the the various way to accomplish this idea and they discuss the programmer who is programming them down the path of enlightenment. Does he know what he is doing? Should they probe his brain to help him figure out the simplest way to accomplish his task or should they wait patiently for him to program them into the database. Does he understand the complexities of the program, will he be able to fit wafflepants into the code correctly so the style is set for each page. Will Schnarfelpopper be correctly embedded into the journal so he can do his bidding upon the page and what about flash fried weasel, will he come into being? Do they really want a flash fried weasel hanging out with them on each page, will he become a nuisance to the program? As they continue to talk amongst themselves, they realized they must wait and see how he, the programmer, does with the information he has before they take over the code and make it happen. As you see Schnarfelpopper is just a code that makes popping noises when he’s unhappy, wafflepants is his side-kick that makes sure the cascading waterfalls are wide enough and stylish enough to fit and flash fried weasel is the weird little character tracking superfluous feedback

And as the ending of all weird little stories must end..we must wait and see if schnarfelpopper, wafflepants and flash fried weasel ever make it into being as their journey has just began.

thanks ryan

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