so what you don't know about buying a house..

August 16, 2007 Comments Off on so what you don't know about buying a house..

your house will eat your money

no one ever tells you about those expense to owning your own home beyond the mortgage payments and taxes such as

  • tree trimming, my god that’s expensive
  • landscaping to have that gorgeous green lawn
  • or having a new neighbor move in with pit bulls and that old basket weave style of fence that’s covered in gorgeous 20yr old ivy, has to be immediately fixed and boarded up the openings so the attack pit bulls don’t come through the fence and you know the neighbors are like “my dog, he’s so sweet, he’s part of the family” yea, but he doesn’t like other people in his space and he’s not fixed – why the hell is he not fixed? and your probably wondering why its my expense – because I don’t feel safe with that dog being able to see me while I’m in my backyard
  • or having to fix your backfence – because the irresponsible people in the back keeping getting pit bull after pit bull puppies and letting them dig through to your yard
  • or plumbing problems because your sink, bathtub, laundry sink and toilet have all of sudden developed a case of the hiccups
  • or the ant issue – where did all these ants come from?
  • or finding all the trash that the original owners dump in the backyard (apparently the orginal owners didn’t have garbage service and just dumped and burned their garbage in the backyard – which explains the razor blades, needles, condoms that I keep finding)
  • and remember you will hit your thumb twice in a row while hammering

all in all, I love owning my own house, its just little annoyances and expenses that seem to be cropping up left and right out of nowhere all at the same time..when all the credit cards are maxed from all the other design expenses and the value of the house has gone down, so refinancing or getting an equity line isn’t worth it right now..

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