pink milk

July 29, 2005 Comments Off on pink milk

so I bought the new green tea frappucino at Starbucks the other day and one of my clients asked me what was I drinking “its the new greeen tea frappucino”. He asked how it tasted and it reminded me of pink milk, so thats what I told him. He had this look on his face, like what the hell was I talking about and I said again, “it reminds me of pink milk.” 

Hours later, many many moons later, it dawned on me, he had no idea what pink milk was. He had never had pink milk. And the quizzical looks around the room when I said, “you know, pink milk,” leads me to believe they others had never had pink milk. That look that reminds one of they are thinking I’m crazy. But seriously, it reminded me of pink milk not green tea.

I was at a baby shower not so long ago for my sister and the topic some how came to how much my sister loves milk. And so, she turns to me and says, “you like milk too? right?” Oh, I love milk. I have at least 1-2 or more glasses per day. I almost prefer milk to soda these days and I always would rather have milk for dinner than anything else and that’s what I told everyone. And again, that look of like you two are crazy, like maybe we were from another planet.

As I was relaying the story to my mom, she said it was because those girls never had pink milk when they were little.

I still love pink milk and one of my cats, miss princess ticklenose, loves pink milk. I wonder if my sister will give her kid pink milk and we can continue the tradition of pink milk. And those crazy looks, maybe someday I’ll explain myself, when I say. “it reminds me of pink milk.”

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