Strongly Recommended Macros

June 14, 2005 Comments Off on Strongly Recommended Macros

apparently there are macros in Radio Userland that are strongly recommended that you use but not neccessary such as the title macro, the url macro, interesting maybe that’s why I don’t get that many referrers hits from other blogs..testing on my site first, then off to fix the beauty dish   
few changes to Beauty Dish theme – then to recreate the fttb file and re-send to Birdie who has been incredibly patience with the fixes, think i fixed all the other fixes in the theme, also. couple of more tweaks..this time, I think its really really done!!!

  1. test 1 – go back to my theme
  2. test 2 – reapply finished beauty dish theme
  3. test 3 – put my theme back cuz the beauty dish theme is really really done!!!!
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