become the other: 2-19-04

February 20, 2004 Comments Off on become the other: 2-19-04

free writing..i’ve had this tool kit for writers called the observation deck where you pull a card and you write on that idea for 20 minutes.. although tonight might be a five minute free write..i’m each free writing entry will have a title that cooresponds to the card i pulled at that, i finally get to use the  observation deck..i’ve had it for 3 years..

become the other

the sensual being

the touch of one another

the space of intensity

fuzzy logic

where are we

in this world

time to give, time to nuture the space of the wild woman

she is the giver of all

the peace and the love of the universe

sensual nature

of lovers in a world

together with one, we are all one

sexy beings living in a space and time that is not real

time is imaginary

breathing of the dragon

the hot fiery breath of the atmosphere

the magic in the molecules

the shimmery energy in every being

the way the light plays on the water

the moonbeams pentrating our souls

our very being, uplifting our minds

into a time of our own

walking through the forest

of light we see the imagination

of a child

the mysteries of the deep waters

the blue of the ocean

the love of friends

our lovers, our guides into the wild open space of our ancestors

dancing, singing, being, becoming the other

wow that was cool..i haven’t done that in so long..just letting the words flow from me in a single stream of conscious..thanks lisa

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