free writing web ring

February 17, 2004 Comments Off on free writing web ring

distant, early morning has this free writing web ring..sound great, somedays I just need to get it all out of me and have no actual thought I thought I’d join..give me a few to get it setup and then I report back details here (gotta go do the laundry, its pouring and I want to wear pants tomorrow)

wait I remember, I’m setting up a new category for this one too…whenever it upstreams

update: 2-18-04….wow, its been so long since I setup a new category, I’ve gotta remember all the little things like comment macro and trackback macro and updating my blogrolls..and where the space under the calendar is and everything but I’m getting there..soon to be free writing..testing..more testing..more testing..ok the ringsurf isn’t working..can’t find the server and i’m exhausted..time for bed…try again tomorrow. 🙂

2-19-04 update..think i got it working..more tonight..gotta get to work

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