Riddles..can you guess?

January 28, 2004 Comments Off on Riddles..can you guess?

To keep my white board at work free of other people trying to erase something and write whatever they want on my board and sort of to have people get to know me a little better, I put up a couple of riddles..see if you can guess the answers: (they are not related riddles)

1. What is the best way to lose weight and relieve stress?

2. When asked this question, 80% of kindergartens got the answer right compared to 17% of Stanford University seniors and 3% of adults.


Its greater than god, more evil than the devil

The Poor have it, the Rich need it,

and if you Eat it, you will die?

3. 3600S.NAH

(I need help with this one..a 7th grader asked me if I could solve the mystery..his science teacher gave it to him, he is currently studying sex education in science..which may or may not have anything to do with the answer…a clue though…3600 of S in a H..or 3600 of S. N A H)

4. B4 square root of u RU/16

Have fun..I know the answers to all but #3..anyone want to help me otherwise I have to ask the kid what the answer is

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