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December 14, 2008 Comments Off on English

So apparently if you speak payperpost thingy, you must have 3-5 sentences of original content before you do a payperpost thingy, you can’t just have a cute little quiz posted right before you post a payperpost thing. One sentence down, now what to write for sentence 2, 3, 4 and 5. Does blah blah blah count? …

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Quiz #1

August 2, 2008 Comments Off on Quiz #1

Found this interesting quiz today…very illuminating….quiz #1 Use a piece of paper and answer the following questions    1.Put the following 5 animals in the order of your preference: Cow Tiger Sheep Horse Pig 2. Write one word that describes each one of the following: Dog Cat Rat Coffee Sea 3.Think of someone (who also …

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what flower are you?

July 21, 2007 Comments Off on what flower are you?

You Are A Lily You are a nurturer and all around natural therapist.People see you as their rock. And they are able to depend on you.You are a soothing influence. You can make people feel better with a few words.Your caring has more of an impact than even you realize. What Flower Are You?


April 29, 2006 Comments Off on blogthings

saw this quiz on Zy’s blog and then proceeded to take two other tests 🙂   You Are a Newborn Soul You are tolerant, accepting, and willing to give anyone a chance.On the flip side, you’re easy to read and easily influenced by others.You have a fresh perspective on life, and you can be very …

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japanese name

July 3, 2004 Comments Off on japanese name

My japanese name for Julie is Kuroda (black field) Kumiko (eternal beautiful child). My japanese name for Elements Write is 山下 Yamashita (under the mountain) 恵美 Emi (blessed with beauty), Magick is Miharu (beautiful clear sky). Take your real japanese name generator! today! Created with Rum and Monkey‘s Name Generator Generator.

Riddles..can you guess?

January 28, 2004 Comments Off on Riddles..can you guess?

To keep my white board at work free of other people trying to erase something and write whatever they want on my board and sort of to have people get to know me a little better, I put up a couple of riddles..see if you can guess the answers: (they are not related riddles) 1. What is …

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What Color are You?

December 28, 2003 Comments Off on What Color are You?

you are paleturquoise#AFEEEE Your dominant hues are green and blue. You’re smart and you know it, and want to use your power to help people and relate to others. Even though you tend to battle with yourself, you solve other people’s conflicts well. Your saturation level is low – You stay out of stressful situations …

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greek god quiz…

October 17, 2003 Comments Off on greek god quiz…

i’ve been missing in action this last week…been very very busy with this new job/career…so a little quiz to pass the time…this is so me (except maybe the revenge part)  🙂 ?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??brought to you by Quizilla Nemesis

Your magical style is Wiccan.

October 5, 2003 Comments Off on Your magical style is Wiccan.

Your magical style is Wiccan. What type of Magic do you work?. Take the Magical Style Quiz by Paradox

Which creature of myth are you?

September 28, 2003 Comments Off on Which creature of myth are you?

You are a UNICORN! You are peaceful and graceful,but you are rarely seen because you enjoy beingalone and love quiet areas. Which creature of myth are you?brought to you by Quizilla