my horoscope for the week.

January 25, 2004 Comments Off on my horoscope for the week.

For most of the week you will be able to make quite a bit of progress. Venus opposes Jupiter, and both are aspected by Mercury, which means that you have many opportunities to do deals, sign contracts, negotiate a good sale, and also to earn yourself plenty of extra cash. If you need to make an impression, try entertaining at home, which will work very well for you. Property deals of all kinds continue to look well starred, and with a great aspect between Mercury and Jupiter, you stand to make a good profit. If you are dating, things look quite bright for much of the week. Those you mix with may be able to help you with your job, or perhaps to give some great tips and advice. You may even fall in love with someone associated with your career, who understands the trials and traumas that you have to go through. But do take care that you don’t make someone else very jealous. Venus squares Pluto on Sunday, and this could bring things to a head – you might expect a showdown of one kind or another. If you need to discuss funding, or need more credit, get in contact with the right channels early on, and you will probably be successful.

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