ah, its out

November 11, 2005 Comments Off on ah, its out

i tried to post this last night but it didn’t work, so its a repost…..i have nothing to talk about..so lets try a random free writing data dump for the night because I probably have alot swimming around in my head and don’t even know it. Baby Kitty and Turtle seemed to have misplaced a mouse, they have been guarding the laundry door now for three days, but wouldn’t you if you saw the chance to get away, run under the nearest thing that the cats couldn’t get to. I would. I went out on a date the other night and I told him I probably wouldn’t blog about him but damn I blog, its life and here it goes..I had a good time but I didn’t get that vibe. We kissed and he said that he’d invite me back to his place but I couldn’t since I needed to go home and feed the cats. I mean really I just wanted to go home and feed the cats, no vibe there whatsoever. I told him to call Saturday but honestly I’m praying for 2 things: rain and him not to call because if it rains we can’t go hiking. He was a nice guy but I just didn’t feel it.  And I realized something else too, I don’t particulary like skinny little guys. And then I think maybe i’m forever going to be alone, i swear by this point in my life you’d think i’d have met the right person that wants to be with me, WTF am i doing wrong anyways? I tried to hard, pushes them away. I do the opposite and let them do their own thing, nada. I just be me, nada. WTF? Ok, maybe that’s not completely true. I was hit on by a very sexy man who happens to be one a client and two married, so maybe I am doing something right and in all honesty, I never had any idea about this guy except that he is hot. So I just need to find someone that likes me for me and can rock my world but where the hell is he? defintely not on match.com and not on nerve either for that matter. oh god, its out of my head, thank god. work..ah big subject, i think i might be burned out a little on accounting, yesterday i took the day off and did no work, actually i didn’t do a whole lot yesterday except kinda of space out. It was so nice not to do anything. I think I need a vacation and to hire someone with a little more experience..so I checked out the average salary for an accounting clerk about 18/hour or 37K per year, that’s not bad and its doable I think. I already pay my current employee 15/hr so if i get any more business and before my head explodes, I’m going to need to hire another body. working out..somehow that got pushed aside and I was doing really good on my diet and then bam, i wanted something gooey and fatting and good. so next week, back to the gym. You think i’d have some motivation, my trainer is sexy. my time management skills suck, i need to figure out how to get up earlier in the morning but for some reason right now at midnight, I’m wide awake, i get that second wind and I’m good to go til 3am which screws me up cuz i need 8 hours of sleep everynight and then a couple of hours to get going in the morning and then i’m not out the door before 1pm everyday. Actually i’m tired right now, so bed soon. so what else is rambling in my head – i’ve been avoiding doing this bank recs for 2 months now, i know i need to do them but its all i ever do anymore, bank recs one client, next client, next client and its a forver endless loop, yes I need a vacation and I wish i could wear sweats to work, don’t you?

Saturday, I’m off on a treasure hunt for the old Bryon Hot Springs Hotel, anyone know any history on that? I love history and oh yes, I won’t be home if he calls, I’ll be out and about and getting out of the house for a day away from work, yeah!!


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