Designing personalized blog themes

May 27, 2005 Comments Off on Designing personalized blog themes

maybe designing a theme for a women is easier than for a man (both of whom I’ve never met) I felt kinda of bad that I couldn’t get the right idea going for Coyote Gulch but somehow for the Beauty Dish, its all coming together nicely. Gripes from the Grumpy Girl was another theme that just came together but maybe its because I can relate to her blog and the Beauty Dish, I read her posts and think I can so relate to what she’s saying and maybe its because we’re all about the same age…but Coyote Gulch honestly I just couldn’t get into his blog and maybe that’s what made the difference – do I relate to them in some way, do they tell me who that person is, how they think?

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Good luck on the Birdie design. I hate seeing those “comment(0)” things too.

Mike • 5/29/05; 12:08:15 PM
The guy probably liked the idea of a blog more than the actual blog, which takes time and energy to produce. It’s probably not a gender thing, but an individual thing instead.

chris • 6/1/05; 3:18:10 PM
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